Early Summer

21 10 2011

I watched this in the privacy of my home with tea and the lights off laying down all comfy. It ruled, thank you internetz.

I loved the music in this movie. It was so, I guess melancholy is the word. So relaxing, but it tells a sad story… It was strange watching a Japanese movie that didn’t involve giant creatures from the sea attacking Tokyo. It made me think, wow I hardly ever see movies about asian culture. Isn’t that sad? Anyway, Early Summer is about a woman in Japan whose family, similarly to Latin culture from my personal experience, is obsessed with her getting married. They insist on giving her away to some old dude. Now this is 1950s Japan, so I can’t really comment on culture or anything because I’m completely unfamiliar with it, like I don’t know how normal it is for a girl to choose her own partner… but I didn’t find it fair how cold her family acted towards her. Noriko was so sweet and pure for them to be so concerned with such a personal decision, it was very sad especially considering how much thought she put into everyone’s well being without them putting any into hers. She was so genuine, willing to live in poverty with her husband of choice to be happy, and not worrying about how a child that isnt hers will feel about her in the future so long as she can give him love. Isn’t that what being a good mother is all about anyway? Doing whats best for your child, what will make them happy no matter how miserable it makes you? I also liked the ending. It gave the audience room to think about it and interpret it how they wanted.

I noticed a lot of tracking shots in this film, like in the opening of the film, when Noriko and Aya are sneaking around the house, and when shes on the beach talking about marriage. The long tracking shots aren’t that common in film, and it was cool to see them. I liked the movie, it revealed a lot to me about Japanese culture.

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4 responses to “Early Summer”

1 11 2011
  Amy Herzog (18:04:07) :

So glad you enjoyed this movie–it’s one of my all-time favorites!

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